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GreenBox GreenBox is a multi-function device (hardware) which enables enrollment and transaction processes driven by paper to move into the paperless space. It also creates a biometric profile of an individual which can be stored in a central repository and used to verify the individual’s identity.  Click on the image to see the video.

Powerful electronic forms

GreenForm GreenForm is the application (software) that enables paperless transactions, and paperless enrollment processes.  It also allows a biometric profile of an individual to be captured and stored. It has been launched and is currently being sold into various business processes.  Click on the image to see the video.

Scan to the cloud from Anywhere!

GreenForm Introducing the most versatile scanner in the world. Scan from any location, and immediately upload to the internet, social media or your document server. Just charge it up and turn it on, anywhere – insert your paper, receipts, and photos to scan, archive, and share. To find out more click on the image and read the article.

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Steps to going green

Greendoc technologies has developed a ten step process to using document management technologies to become more environmentally friendly.  Implement processes that use less and less paper in a seamless, well planned manner.

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Legally admissible scanning processes

Our consulting services are designed to ensure that your document images are trusted and can be accepted in court.   Starting from an initial information audit, we determine gaps in your systems, policies and processes, and implement a robust compliance methodology.

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Consulting Services

Implementing an environmentally friendly process isn't a simple task.   Engage with our consulting team to make sure that your "green" processes are properly implemented in a legally compliant manner, and that all stakeholders are considered.

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Green Document Technologies is positioned as a leader in the (Paperless) transaction space across all sectors of the market. Our core vision is to provide turnkey solutions to convert paper-intensive business processes to the paperless environment. We also address the issues of Identity verification, Identity theft, and Identity fraud.

Green Document Technologies addresses the impact of generating paper on a company’s carbon footprint, and the wider issue of paper-intensive business processes and their effect on carbon emissions.



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